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About Us

We believe that if you understand how not to marry the wrong guy, you’ll know how to marry the right one. Whether you’re engaged or just dating, we’ll show you how to listen to your gut feelings and find the courage to act on them. Don’t settle for the wrong guy!

Anne Milford

Anne Milford canceled her wedding exactly five months before the big day. In the aftermath of her breakup, she realized how many people want to cancel their wedding —but don’t. They plod along in unhealthy relationships and end up getting married — even though they know it’s a big mistake. As everyone congratulated her on her bravery, she wondered why there wasn’t a book about doomed-from-the-start relationships and marriages. Now, with over 20 years experience as a freelance writer and editor, and 15 years as a happily married woman — she has written that book. Milford has unveiled the real-life stories of women with either mistaken first marriages or canceled weddings. She also has interviewed dozens of women who describe themselves as happily wed. She believes that women can learn how to date or marry the right guy by understanding why women often marry the wrong one.Milford earned her B.A. in Communications from Loyola University in New Orleans.


Jennifer Gauvain, MSW, LCSW

Jennifer Gauvain is a licensed clinical social worker whose primary focus is working with couples and families. With over 13 years experience in private practice, she helps us interpret the stories gathered and addresses the issues revealed by those who forged ahead with a mistaken marriage. She also shares the wisdom she and her husband have gained on the marriage prep team at St. Francis Xavier College Church, in St. Louis, Mo. As the adult child of divorced parents, Jennifer has both personal and clinical insight into the destruction divorce sheds upon couples and families. Her clinical skills and expertise can help women who are struggling with their relationship or pending marriage to effectively discern what they are really searching for in their life.Jennifer earned her M.S.W. from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. She continued her postgraduate training at The Menninger Relationship and Family Therapy Training Institute. She recently completed Internal Family Systems training through the Center for Self Leadership in Oak Park, Ill.